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Miss Shirley's Zinnias

Original Watercolor by Judy Lavoie

IMAGE SIZE: 11" x 17"

STATUS: Original has been SOLD

"I did this painting for a very special and very sensitive friend, who appreciates simple treasures from the past and country style. Shirley's dad had recently died and she told me that the red zinnias he had planted were flowering beautifully. She was saving some of the seeds so she could plant them herself. When I saw some red zinnias soon after, I picked them to use in this still life (ok, the truth is I stole them from the landscaped entrance to a nearby country club... only after the local florists told me they couldn't get any!) Shirley wrote me: 'My beautiful picture has been hung and every day I seem to be more in awe of its beauty, amazed by your talent and so flattered at the thought that you did this painting just for me! The thoughts and memories that it conjures up.... both of a very special father and a very special artist friend -- it will be cherished forever...'

The lace was a delightful challenge to paint in watercolor, since the white is the unpainted paper, just slightly tinted to show the age and cast shadows. So the appearance of lace really comes from painting the holes! One of the other challenges of watercolor is that it's not always possible to fix mistakes -- in this case I didn't notice until the painting was done and framed that my "perfect mason" was not so perfect. In fact, I lettered it 'pefrect'. Probably you wouldn't have noticed anyway, huh?"

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