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Sleeping Ginger

Original Ink on Scratchboard by Judy Lavoie

IMAGE SIZE: 14" x 11"

STATUS: In the Artist's Personal Collection

"Ginger was our first English Springer Spaniel, and my first "dog" model for my artwork. This painting was also a first, using a surface called 'Claybord®', which is a hardboard coated with a layer of fine white clay. (This is generically called a scratchboard.) I used black ink, diluted to various shades of grey with water, with brushes and with a natural sponge. When the ink was dry, I used abrasive tools, such as sandpaper, steel wool and a craft knife, and scratched away the inked surface, revealing the layer of white clay. The finished painting can be protected with a clear acrylic top coating, which I like because then it doesn't need to be framed under glass. I found the technique is great for creating the animal fur, whiskers, and other textures, and I continue to enjoy working on scratchboard. You can see how I used the same surface, but with watercolor, in "Her Highness" and "Honey", and with acrylic, in "Off Duty" and "Wiley".

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