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Off Duty

Original Acrylic by Judy Lavoie

IMAGE SIZE: 11" x 14"

STATUS: This original was stolen from an exhibit, so if you ever see it contact me!

"This is a horse which draws a carriage through the streets of old St. Augustine, and I photographed him in the corral where he spends his "off duty" time. I wanted to make the light mane sparkle, so I used backlighting and a darker background to contrast. I painted on a white scratchboard, so I could use an exacto knife to scratch the fine hairs - on his chin, too - and add great detail. I enjoy working on scratchboard and you can see how I used the same surface for "Wiley", with watercolor for "Her Highness" and "Honey", and in black ink for "Sleeping Ginger"."

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