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Now and Then

Original Watercolor by Judy Lavoie

IMAGE SIZE: 15" x 22"

STATUS: In the Artist's Personal Collection

"I decided to do this still life painting after my mother sent me a tiny little crayon drawing on newsprint, shown to the right, which I had done as a child. Years earlier she had written "By Judy, age 7" on the back. Upon receiving this drawing, I asked if she still had the vase I had drawn (that was a chandelier I made up in the background, by the way). She had already given it to my sister Jean, who was so kind to pass it on to me.

When I received the vase, I ordered some yellow and pink tulips from a local florist and set up the still life for my new painting, with a cherished old sepia photo of my mother and her sister as children. And 35 years after my original, I created 'Now and Then'! The two works now hang in my home, displayed with the Hull vase that twice inspired me."

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