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No Turning Back

Original Watercolor by Judy Lavoie

IMAGE SIZE: 15" x 22"

STATUS: Original has been SOLD

"I painted this on gesso-coated watercolor paper, using a limited palette of ultramarine blue, payne's grey, and burnt sienna. The gesso made the watercolor paper non-absorbant, and the painting began by painting those colors with big strokes over the whole sheet of paper. When dry, I painted the subject over that random background. I actually 'lifted' the paint off the areas I wanted to be white, by scrubbing away the background layer in those places. It was fun to splash clean water on the sheet and blot with a paper towel to create the white splatter of the breaking waves! I positioned the shrimp boat above the center with the top cropped off, to add to the tension of the rough seas. (For those who look for details, I named this boat "Miss Darla" after my dog!)"

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