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Greg & Riley copyright Judy Lavoie

Greg & Riley

Original Acrylic on Canvas by Judy Lavoie

IMAGE SIZE: 18" x 24"

STATUS: Sold as a commission

"When a good friend showed me a snapshot of her husband and his dog and asked if I could make it into a painting, I had some hesitation. I shy away from doing people, since portraits are a big challenge to me. But I love painting dog portraits, and figured I needed to challenge myself, so I agreed. It was to be a surprise Christmas present. I proceeded cautiously, painting Greg's face before the dog... I didn't want to do a great job on Riley's face and then ruin the rest of the painting! My fears seem to have been uncalled for, since the whole family loved the final result."

Commissioned Artwork

Judy welcomes commissions to paint beloved pets, homes, landscapes, and other subjects dear to your heart. Contact the Artist for more information on commissioning a painting.

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