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Dudley Within Christina's World

Original Acrylic by Judy Lavoie

IMAGE SIZE: 30" x 22"

STATUS: This original painting has been SOLD, to a relative of Andrew Wyeth

"I had been wanting to do a 'character' painting and the subject matter presented itself while Rick, our dog Darla and I were on a visit to Maine in May 2001. American artist Andrew Wyeth is one of my favorites and we made a special visit to the Olson House, where he did many of his Maine paintings, including the famous "Christina's World", of Christina Olson, showing the house she shared with her brother in the distance. While at the house, we had the good fortune to hear a lecture about the artist and his work by Mr. Dudley Rockwell, brother-in-law to Andrew Wyeth (their wives are sisters). At the close of the talk, I asked Mr. Rockwell if he would mind if I photographed him as we toured the house together. He agreed, and my photos became the reference for this painting of him next to the kitchen stove and window of geraniums which Andrew Wyeth had depicted in other paintings."

"Dudley Rockwell died on October 1, 2006, at the age of 93. Up until 2 weeks before his death he still went to the Olson House and presented his lecture on a regular basis, drove himself around town, enjoyed life with his wife, spent time in his workshop, and loved doing crosswords and watching Jeopardy. He was buried in a coffin which he built himself, inscribed with the words 'Handmade by Occupant.' I am grateful for my memories of a sunny afternoon in May, sitting on a bench by the flowering lilacs outside the Olson House, and chatting casually with this fine man."

Mr. Rockwell's obituary read: "A great communicator and storyteller, a tireless worker with high standards and a terrific sense of humor, Dudley was a marvel to all who knew him. His spirit and generosity reached far beyond the place he called home. Truly a man for all seasons, Dud will be missed by all those he touched during his long and wonderful life."

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