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Cleaning the Conch

Original Watercolor by Judy Lavoie

IMAGE SIZE: 28" x 36"


Awards: This painting was selected as one of only 100 watercolors, chosen from over 750 submitted statewide, to appear in the 1998 annual Exhibition of the Florida Watercolor Society. It also won 1st Merit Award in Jacksonville (Florida) Watercolor Society's Fall 1997 Exhibit. 

"During a visit to Great Exuma in the Bahamas, I saw a native man named Greg, who was cleaning a conch shell. I watched him crouched at the water's edge, beneath the shade of a dock. The sun was streaming through the spaces between the boards of the dock, creating an interesting pattern on the scene. I don't consider myself a 'portrait artist', but I found it very fulfilling to create this character.

I painting this on heavyweight 300# watercolor paper, starting with a very fluid first wash of Permanent Rose, Turquoise and Gamboge Hue (a variation of the 3 primary colors). The glow of these pure colors shows through the final painting, giving a sparkle to the earthy-neutral colors which dominate."

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