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Cindy's Dragonfly

Cindy's Dragonfly

Original Acrylic on Canvas by Judy Lavoie

IMAGE SIZE: 11" x 14"


"I was commisssioned to do a painting for a woman named Cindy who loves collecting dragonfly items. I struggled with the idea, not being able to visualize how I could paint just a dragonfly, in all its detail, in a natural setting, and still make it the most important part of the image. When I found out Cindy's favorite colors were purple and orange it lit the spark I had been looking for! My purple coneflowers had been flowering beautifully and I had already been inspired to do a painting of them. Now I could paint an iridescent dragonfly, just landing on the big flowerhead. I positioned the dragonfly in my composition to make it the focal point, contrasting it against the background and varying its coloring from the rest of the painting. In addition, when the painting was complete I applied a matte varnish to the entire surface, then added a transparent coating of silver dissolved in a glossy varnish just on the dragonfly, making it sparkle."

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