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Brock House

Brock House

Original Acrylic on Canvas by Judy Lavoie

IMAGE SIZE: 20" x 16"

STATUS: Sold as a commission

"I was commissioned to paint this lovely house as a surprise Christmas gift from the recipients' sister, Julie. She provided me with a series of photos, taken from locations all across the front of the house, and I decided to do a realistic view in perspective, as if I were standing to the right of the front of the house. Then she said her brother-in-law was drawn to the house initially for the drive-thru passageway, so "please depict that".... So I decided to switch to Plan B, which was to view the front of the house straight on, more as an architectural elevation. The yard in front of the house is very full of mature trees, as you can see in the reference photo shown to the right.
Reference Photo

I worked back to front on the painting, painting the sky first, then the trees behind the house. When I completed the house itself, I photographed and emailed it to Julie for feedback and approval to continue. You can see how different the painting looked at that stage, without the landscaping of trees inside the driveway circle. It would be easier for me to make any corrections or changes on the house at this stage, versus when the front was covered over.

The home is in North Carolina, so making it a fall scene seemed appropriate, and really set those trees off nicely.

Partially completed painting
I always love to know how my art is received, and Julie emailed me after Christmas: 'They were shocked/surprised and blown away!! They loved it... LOVED IT!!! It really is the perfect gift for someone who has everything. I think the size was perfect as well. We took it to Michaels to be framed and everyone at the mitering shop commented on how beautiful it was... THANK YOU!!!.' Made my day!

Commissioned Artwork

Judy welcomes commissions to paint beloved pets, homes, landscapes, and other subjects dear to your heart. Contact the Artist for more information on commissioning a painting.

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