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Grandpa's Fiddle Break © Judy Lavoie

Barnyard Bouquet

Original Acrylic on Canvas by Judy Lavoie

IMAGE SIZE: 16" x 20"

STATUS: Sold; giclee prints on canvas are available. (Contact Judy Lavoie for details.)

"Barnyard Bouquet is a still life which reflect my life in a lovely rural area. Winding country backroads are lined with wildflowers, and pastures are fenced with old cedar posts and barbed wire. I'm never at a loss for inspiration, right outside my door.

The vintage aqua Ball canning jar, with its rustic wire carrier, struck me as the perfect vessel for a flower bouquet. The idea for a painting came to me as I filled the jar with wild daisies and black-eyed susans from my yard. I didn't have to travel far from home to find an old fence post on which to hang the jar of flowers, just about a mile down my road - viola, my still life! The weathered post and old twisted barbed wire said "rural countryside" to me, and provided an ideal backdrop for my casual old-timey bouquet. As usual, I took lots of photos to help me later refer to while painting.

As I've mentioned before, I love painting the varied texture of old wood, like this very old weathered cedar fencepost. I used acrylics on canvas here, and this painting had some particular challenges: capturing the transparency and reflectiveness of the glass jar, getting the old strands of barbed wire looking right, and depicting the strong light of a sunny midsummer day. Those are the parts that make it fun for me!"

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