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Sunlit Daylily copyright Judy Lavoie

Sunlit Daylily

Original Acrylic on Watercolor Paper by Judy Lavoie

IMAGE SIZE: 22" x 22", on the diagonal

STATUS: Original For Sale $800, with an archival white double mat and platinum frame, with deckle edge of the watercolor paper revealed, to hang dramatically on the diagonal

"Daylilies grow wild near our creek and inspired this painting. I had never appreciated the range of colors in what I always thought of as orange petals, until I analyzed them close enough to reproduce them realistically. I did a small daylily painting first, on canvas, in an opaque acrylic style. I loved how it came out, and decided to do another view, in a watercolor manner on paper, using the paper itself for the whites of the subject, and glazing layer upon layer of transparent pigment.

In both paintings, I contrasted the vivid colors against the shaded background, throwing the rest out of focus, to make the flower the star of the painting. On the larger painting above, I decided the image would be more interesting if I turned the paper on the diagonal, and that is how it is matted and framed also. I compared the two paintings when I had finished the second, and surprised myself with how different they looked to me."

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