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November © Judy Lavoie


Original Acrylic on Canvas by Judy Lavoie

IMAGE SIZE: 12" x 16"

STATUS: For sale in a distressed brown toned wood frame $400

"Even on a damp, cloudy day in November, the tall dried grasses in the pastures and meadows here in Tennessee are striking tones of gold and rust, with undertones of green from the low fresh growth. The scent of the air says "autumn" in the country,from the damp fallen leaves. This scene captures different layers of the landscape. The distant hill is covered with trees, softened by the humidity in the air, so I've painted them in muted colors not much different from the sky. The middle ground of old farm buildings and their surroundings appear a bit more in focus, but the colors are still dulled. A close cedar tree tucked on the left creates another plane in the closer distance. The foreground is dominated by the bare tree branches, increasingly warmer and brighter colors in the grasses, and old barbed wire fencing. I've used technique to make close objects visually come forward by painting them with bolder hues, more contrasts, and finer details than those of the distant objects."

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