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Mamaw & Papaw's House

The Lewis Farmhouse

Original Acrylic on Canvas by Judy Lavoie

IMAGE SIZE: 20" x 16"

STATUS: Sold as a commission

"'This painting might look familiar, since this is the second painting I've done of this home. The first painting "Mamaw & Papaw's House" was so loved by the recipient Alison's mother, Margaret, that she wanted her own original painting... after all, it is the house she grew up in!

So after discussing details like what the house looked like years ago, what angle to depict it from, and what time of year to set it in, I aimed at creating a painting which would be different from the first one, while faithful to Margaret's memories. In fact, I purposely didn't even look at the photos I had kept of the first farmhouse painting, just to keep my head clear.

The finished painting shows the farmhouse in a summer setting, with the rusting roof, porch swing, pots of flowers, and circular drive as Margaret requested. Now both Margaret and Alison are each happy owners of portraits of the house which brings them so many memories. I finally looked back at the first house portrait, and was pleased that I had made two distinctly different images. Margaret is framing this painting with wood milled from a walnut tree on the property which she played under as a child...such a special touch."

Commissioned Artwork

Judy welcomes commissions to paint beloved pets, homes, landscapes, and other subjects dear to your heart. Contact the Artist for more information on commissioning a painting.

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