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Let It Snow

Let It Snow
© Judy Lavoie 2011

Original Acrylic on Canvas by Judy Lavoie

IMAGE SIZE: 20" x 16"

STATUS: Original For Sale $575, in a barnwood frame

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"The monochrome tones of this painting are quite a departure from my usual use of color, bright lighting and shadows. I wanted to do something different from the snowy barn in sunshine that I most recently completed.

Still inspired by our recent snows, I've painted this barn in the midst of the storm. Lack of light limits the range of colors our eyes see. If you've ever done scuba diving, you know that the deeper you go, less sunlight filters through the water (especially the red end of the spectrum), and fewer colors are visible.

In this painting I set the horizon line high, since the sky was less interesting than the foreground. Even though the foreground is mostly the fallen snow, the small snow-covered tree and the fenceposts strung with barbed wire add interest. I used a lot of very light gray, even on the snow on the ground, so that where I used pure white it would show up a little better. As the final step, I held my breath and spattered fine drops of white over the entire painting, hoping I wouldn't ruin the whole thing… fortunately it worked just as I had envisioned it.

I chose the title "Let It Snow" after thinking of the Christmas carol by the same name. As a native of New England, I know snowstorms can cause lots of problems, inconveniences, danger, and even tragedies. I am lucky to work from home so I don't have to drive anywhere until the roads are safe. Here in Tennessee, the snow rarely gets very deep, and usually doesn't stay on the ground long enough to get dirty and ugly… although this recent January storm lingered for a while. I was happy to have the snow and see the beauty it has created in my woods, and I did lots of walking and picture-taking for references for future snow paintings.

See my Blog for more descriptoin and techniques used in the painting of 'Let It Snow.'"

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