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Hunter © Judy Lavoie


Original Acrylic on Canvas by Judy Lavoie

IMAGE SIZE: 14" x 11"

STATUS: In the personal collection of Hunter's mom & dad

"Hunter is a rescued dog who we nursed to health and loved as our pet for nearly a year. He is amazingly intelligent, happy, active, and alert, after having likely survived in the wild for many months as a puppy. We knew from his personality that he would be happiest in a home where he would be the only pet, so we searched for many months to find him the family he deserved. Long story short, Hunter hit the jackpot, now the lord of the roast in a loving home in Pennsylvania. We hated to let him go, but knew it was the best situation for all. We couldn't have imagined a family who loves him more than Pat and Dave, and I did this painting as a gift to thank them.

I used a similar pose in a painting I did years ago of my springer spaniel Ginger. In that work, the painting was done in ink only, on white Clayboard®. People frequently commented on the hazy reflection of the reclining dog. When I was looking through the reference photos I had taken of Hunter on our porch during one of his wonderful visits, one of him laying down inspired to so a similar pose - even though the floor of our porch is not really reflective. Hunter's face is a beautiful mixture of hues and his eyes are soulful. The backlighting allowed me to give his fur a highlight, separating him visually from the background. I've been told that Hunter gave the portrait his thumbs up!"

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