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Good Luck

Good Luck

Original Acrylic on Canvas by Judy Lavoie


"Once again I was drawn by the weathered texture and details of an old barn: nails pounded in long ago, dried old oak planks with most of their red paint long faded, twisted vines and barbed wire intertwined with the wood. I added only the colorful male gold finch, otherwise the image was just as in my reference photo - right down to the old horseshoe, which I found elsewhere on the barn and moved to this position. Goldfinch are year-round visitors to our numerous bird feeders, and the male in his summer colors is striking. This is one of several old barns on the working farm of my friends Carolyn and Mitch, where I love to roam around and take in the beautiful scenery."

Here's my photo of the actual barn I used as reference... the close up was on the side to the right. Perhaps this picturesque old building will be in a future painting!

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