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Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae

Original Acrylic on Canvas by Judy Lavoie

IMAGE SIZE: 11" x 14"

STATUS: In the Artist's collection

"My husband Rick rescued this homeless puppy in the chill of February 2007. Like most rescued dogs, she has turned into a loving, lovable family dog. People tell us she is a red tick hound dog... whatever her heritage, Ellie Mae's fur was different to paint than any previous dog portrait I've tackled. Her ears are like velvet, with a fine thin frosting of white fur over the brown, and her body fur is coarse and multi-hued. I love to exaggerate the eyes in my animal portraits, and hers are naturally beautiful and a focal point. This made a fine surprise Christmas gift for Rick, and hangs in our own little dog portrait corner with her sisters' portraits."

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