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December Snow

December Snow

Original Acrylic on Canvas by Judy Lavoie

IMAGE SIZE: 20" x 16"

STATUS: Original For Sale $575, in a barnwood frame

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"There are working farms with aging buildings all around this area, and the subject of this painting is one of my favorite barns. It has so many interesting elements that added to the challenge of capturing it in a painting: multiple roof angles, worn white painted barn doors, a glimpse of the dark barn interior, and round haybales stacked under cover. When the skies cleared a few days after a Christmas Day snowstorm, the scene was perfect... the rough bumpy barnyard textures in the snow, the bright blue sky and puffy clouds, and cool blue shadows cast by nearby trees. The twisted rusty barbed wire was what initially stopped me in my tracks, and I could see how it would help me create the "layers" of foreground, middle-ground (the barn), and background (the distant trees). Barbed wire fencing is so characteristic of old property borders in Tennessee, functioning like the old stone walls in New England. I was so inspired by this view, that I set to work right away and had the painting done within a week after the snowstorm.

See my Blog for some of my techniques and photos of the painting process for December Snow."

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