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Commissioned watercolor or acrylic paintings

Custom watercolor and acrylic paintings

Judy welcomes commissions to paint beloved pets, homes, special places, landscapes, and other subjects dear to your heart. (About the only commissions she shys away from are human portraits - too far outside the comfort zone). These paintings are offered in acrylic on canvas. Choose what the painting size, the dominant colors, whether horizontal or vertical -- it's all customized to your desires. Judy can customize the artwork to accent colors in your decor too. Judy paints from reference photos, and often combines numerous photos to create a custom art piece. Hints on taking photos for her to paint from are below.

A custom painting also makes a wonderful gift - Judy has created surprise paintings for birthdays, Christmas, and anniversaries. Contact the Artist for more information on commissioned custom artwork.

Commissioned Painting Price Schedule

ORIGINAL ACRYLIC PAINTING - on stretched canvas, unframed

Size - Price
(Other sizes are also available; these are standard prestretched canvas sizes)

  • 24” x 36” - $995
  • 22" x 28" - $880
  • 20" x 24" - $800
  • 18" x 24" - $750
  • 16" x 20" - $600
  • 12" x 16" - $440
  • 11" x 14" - $360

NOTE: Dimensions can be horizontal or vertical

For pet portraits, a second pet can be added to the same painting for an add-on of 70% to the original price.

Pet portraits work well in the two smaller sizes listed. For some architectural paintings, Judy will only do in a minimum size of 16" x 20", due to the detailing.

Judy will transfer full copyrights for a commissioned painting, for an additional fee. Otherwise, the copyright laws state that even if you own an original painting, you do not have the right to duplicate it without the copyright owner's permission, that owner being the artist.

Note: Prices do not include framing, but Judy will gladly help get the new painting in “ready to hang” form, with selection and completion of all the necessary framing. Shipping cost not included.

Providing Photos

The better the reference info, the better the painting. If you are providing photos as reference for Judy to create your custom painting, here are some tips:

For Pet Portraits: Take lots of photos of your pet and choose the ones which are the expression, pose and view you like best. If you want to show your pet in a particular setting (on a chair, on a beach, etc.) you can provide photos of the setting without the pet and Judy can combine them. Judy prefers to take photos of pets outdoors without a flash to avoid the big "red eye" effect; an overcast day is better than bright sunshine. If indoors is necessary, try to position the pet near a window of bright light and set the camera for no flash. It is also best to get at eye-level with the pet, not standing above looking down at his/her face... makes for a much more personal view. You might have to lie belly-down on the ground, but it will be worth it! Take loads of photos, since pets don't always give their full attention! Also take some close ups of just the head. Judy can ignore leashes and other items you might need to use for the photo session from the painted image. If there's a particular characteristic you don't want Judy to miss or you want to emphasize, like a nick in your dog's tongue or a tuft of fur on top of your cat's head, please note that and try to photograph it. Shoot your photos in the "fine" or highest resolution mode your camera allows. Review and edit out bad photos and burn the good ones to a CD for Judy or email them. If you are taking photos with film or using old photos, send the negatives if available, with the prints, so Judy can make enlargements if necessary to help with the details.

For House Portraits, Photograph the house when the side you want in the painting is in maximum sunlight. If there's a particular detail you don't want Judy to miss or you want to emphasize, please note that. Include any special details you might like Judy to add, even if they are not really there, like your initials carved in a tree or your dog in the window.

For Airplane Paintings: Don't worry about getting your plane photographed in-flight! Just take lots of photos on the ground, preferrably on a clear sunny day. Morning or late day shadows and light are more dramatic than midday, so plan your photos accordingly. For the background, if possible send aerial shots of where you fly, or take a landscape photo from the ground (see Huggin's Mooney as an example) and Judy can work the plane into the setting you prefer. If there's a particular detail you don't want Judy to miss or you want to emphasize, please note that. And, if possible, send the negatives to the photos you like best so Judy can make enlargements if necessary to help with the details.

For other custom paintings, the more visual input you can provide Judy, the better, including your own photos; paintings by others with a style, colors, point of view or other elements pleasing to you; photos or color swatches from the room the finished painting will hang in; and other references you think might help.

Payment Schedule

Upon the signing of Judy’s standard Commissioned Artwork Agreement, a non-refundable deposit of 33% will be required, and Judy will proceed with the preliminary sketch of the artwork. A second payment of 33% is due on approval of the preliminary sketch, and the balance of 34% upon the completion of the painting.

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