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Judy Lavoie Art Gallery

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In The Spotlight
Elle's Tobacco Planter
Grandpa's Fiddle Break
Maggie Mae
Sunshine On My Shoulder
Winter Buddies
Miss Joan

Mamaw & Papaw's House Let It Snow thumbnail
Barnyard Bouquet
Jerry Van, Music Man
Jesus Saves
The Lewis Farmhouse
Mamaw & Papaw's
Let It Snow
December Snow
Jeb Greenhouse & Gardens Brock House Sally Mae
December Snow Jeb Greeenhouse & Gardens Decadence Brock House Sally Mae
When She Was 3
Good Luck Nature Paints a Picture Summer on Clear Creek Winter Beauty April in Paradise
Darla Trail Out to Pasture Bald River Falls
Self Portrait Darla Trail Out to Pasture Bald River Falls Tom Ellie Mae
Sunlit Daylily Baron Queen Anne's Lace Pushin' Up Daisies Three Sisters Greg & Riley
Cindy's Dragonfly House Hunting Rusty Hinge Possum Neck Telliquah Falls Barn Cat
Cindy's Dragonfly
House Hunting
Rusty Hinge
Possum Neck
Telliquah Falls Barn Cat
A Little Place Like Kokomo
Washington Oaks
Bayfront St. Augustine
Palm Sunset
Single Malt
A Little Place
Like Kokomo
Sunkissed Washington Oaks Bayfront St. Augustine Palm Sunset Single Malt
Americana Original Watercolor Painting The Big Cat Nap African lionness art of wildlife in acrylic Bowled Over Acrylic on Canvas Cleaning the Conch watercolor painting Classical Palms Original Watercolor and Giclee Print The Color of the Waves giclee prints for sale
Americana The Big Cat Nap Bowled Over Cleaning the Conch Classical Palms The Color of the Waves
Current Resident Watercolor Darla By-The-Sea acrylic painting of English Springer Spaniel Dudley Within Christina's World inspired by Andrew Wyeth art lecture Early Birds giclee prints by artist Judy Lavoie Elephant Hide original art on custom textured surface Out In Elkton award of excellence winner
Current Resident Darla By-The-Sea Dudley Within
Christina's World
Early Birds Elephant Hide Out In Elkton
Fifi and Tuttie commissioned pet portrait of Pomeranians Freshly Picked watercolor still life Gerbera Daisies floral watercolor art Gone Fishing acrylic duck painting on watercolor paper sold through art gallery Her Highness African art in watercolor on scratchboard Claybord His Favorite Rocker acrylic with woven watercolor paper
Fifi and Tuttie Freshly Picked Gerbera Daisy Gone Fishin' Her Highness His Favorite Rocker
Honey commissioned art of Jack Russell Terrier on Claybord brand scratchboard Hopetown Harbor Light Bahamas watercolor landscape Into the Wind custom pet portrait of English Springer Spaniel Border Collie acrylic painting on canvas Artwork of Tennessee rural landscape Mac Yellow Laborador Retriever commission watercolor portrait
Honey Hopetown Harbor Light Into the Wind Glorious Janka Land That I Love Mac
Marsh Sunset Florida landscape acrylic on canvas Mitzy cat painting in acrylic on marble tile Molly By The Sea character study in watercolor Huggins Mooney commissioned airplane painting Morning Has Broken shrimp boat art work Nana's Rocker best in show award winning watercolor art and giclee prints
Marsh Sunset Mitzy Molly By-The-Sea Huggin's Mooney Morning Has Broken Nana's Rocker
No Turning Back gesso surface painting Now and Then stilllife fine art watercolor Off Duty horse painting on Claybord brand scratchboard Out of the Darkness hummingbird art in acrylic on watercolor paper In Her Own World watercolor character study Ponce's Lion florida watercolor society exhibition painting for sale as original and giclee reproduction
No Turning Back Now and Then Off Duty Out of the Darkness In Her Own World Ponce's Lion
Rider on Ballplay horse painting in acrylic on canvas Rock N Roll African zebra art in acrylic on watercolor board Rose Medallion still life acrylic painting Shorty dog portrait in acrylic Sleeping Ginger ink painting on white scratchboard of English Springer Spaniel A Soldier's Prayer reinactment at Fort Loudoun Tennessee
Rider on Ballplay Rock 'N' Roll Rose Medallion Shorty Sleeping Ginger A Soldier's Prayer
Solitude landscape painting of Maine coast Stairway to Heaven southwest art of Santa Fe Art Museum building St Augustine Lighthouse acrylic landscape Satisfaction original African wildlife art of leopard in acrylic and giclee prints Sunflower Garden watercolor artwork Sweet Visitor oval framed acrylic floral
Solitude Stairway to Heaven St. Augustine
Satisfaction Sunflower Garden Sweet Visitor
White Wicker original watercolor art Wiley West Highland Terrier pet portrait on Claybord brand scratchboard Miss Shirley's Zinnias watercolor art      
White Wicker Wiley Miss Shirley's

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